How to Take Care of Your Oil Paintings

Once you buy an oil painting, you will want to make sure that it stays that way by taking several measures. To ensure that your painting looks good for a long time, here are a few tips on how to take care of it.
Oil paintings should be put away from direct sunlight or any place that will reflect sunlight. Sun rays can destroy the oil painting severely by making the colors on the painting fade. Learn more about Oil Paintings at turn photo into painting. Your painting should also never be exposed to extreme conditions such as heat, cold or humidity. Also, do not hang it in the kitchen where there is fire or in the bathroom where there is water. Additionally, do not keep it is a damp room as it may grow mold on it. Do not forget to check the back of the painting regularly for any insects such as spiders.
You should also consider dusting your painting often so that dust does not build up on it and dry out the painting. Dust may also cause it to crack or peel which will make the painting not look appealing anymore. Dust it off with a light brush and avoid using a material such feather dusters as they might catch onto the painting. Never spray on the painting as it might damage it or water.
The other thing you may avoid is placing the painting near sharp objects such as corners of chairs or tables. Such corners may cause a dent in the painting and cause disfiguration especially if the painting is leaning against the edges. To make sure the painting is safe, you could purchase a frame and put it in there so that nothing presses against it. Read more about Oil Paintings at Moreover, make sure the picture is hanging securely.  Use suitable screws that will hold the weight of the painting.
Do not hang the painting too high or too low. You want to enjoy looking at it at eye level. Too high would mean that you would have to struggle to look at it and too low would damage the painting. The recommended height it one hundred and fifty-six centimeters from the floor to the middle of the painting. Sometimes the height could vary depending on the height of the wall and also your height.
It is also important to note that you should not reproduce the work of an artist as they retain copyright to their paintings. If you need to do so, you should ask for permission for the specific painter. Learn more from